A Japanese study shows what fast food intake does in our bodies

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Men eat pasta

In some cultures, the family is celebrated by eating several hours together. Our contemporary life and the accumulation of work make us not take enough time to eat, and it has made our lives fast. Is there harm to eating quickly? What is the effect of this on our bodies?

Contemporary life has made food breaks short, leading some to eat quickly

Our contemporary life and the accumulation of work and other responsibilities entrusted to us daily assure us that we do not take enough time in our daily life to eat and share food with others, rather we eat it often quickly, so that our lunch breaks at work became short, and in the evening the preparation of good food is replaced. By eating what is there, what made our eating habits bad for us in fact, according to the German “Freunden Magazine”, which published a study on eating quickly. 


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What does fast eating do

Japanese researchers from the University of Hiroshima have followed more than 1,000 adults for more than five years. The participants were divided into three categories: 1. Fasting or those who eat little food 2. Time for normal eating 3. Slow eating method.

None of the participants had poor values, symptoms of deficiency or disease. Five years later, the groups were examined again. The result: People who  ate meals quickly  were 89 percent more likely to develop one of the four metabolic syndromes. Also called the “lethal quadruple”, it includes obesity, lipid metabolism disorders, high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

According to Japanese researchers, regardless of their health aspect, people who eat meals quickly are more likely to suffer from weight problems. “When people eat quickly, they often do not feel full, and they tend to overeat,” according to the study’s supervisor, Dr. Takayuki Yamagi from Hiroshima University.

Therefore, if you want to monitor your health and get in shape over the long term, you should not only pay attention to what is on the table, but also take into account how fast you are eating.