America .. Strong responses to an academic who wrote a book calling for heroin legalization

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The call of a university professor in the United States to legalize the use of drugs, chiefly heroin, was met with astonishment and rejection by many for its seriousness. But the advocate believes there are “benefits” to drugs, to the point where he has written a whole book on the matter. 

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After studying drugs, their uses and their effects on health for more than 25 years, professor of sociology and neuroscience Carl Hart decided  to advocate legalizing drug use in the United States.


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In his book “Drug Use for Adults”, Hart tells of his first experience with heroin, when he was forty years old and working as a professor at Columbia University in the United States, according to the international version of the “Business Insider” website.

Hart describes his use of drugs as “as creative as the use of alcoholic beverages,” as he claims that some drugs can bring “short-term mental benefits, such as increased attention and responsiveness.”

 Hart says that his family supports his heroin consumption, as he consumes it in a way that “helps him achieve balance” in his life, and is “able to shoulder his responsibilities as an academic and as a husband and father,” according to what he mentions in his book.     

Hart believes that the belief that criminalization will lead to “people not using drugs” is “absurd and immature.” He is convinced that the United States should regulate “the creative use of drugs and teach people to use them safely,” he said.  

Heroin is an effective substance in the treatment of pain as it is classified under a group of painkillers extracted from opium, but its consumption creates long-term dependence on the body on it and can lead to breathing problems and death in some cases.

Heroin, in particular, is the cause of half of all deaths due to drug abuse in the United States, where about 15,000 people lost their lives due to excessive drug use, including heroin, in 2018.

“How can drug addiction be combated?”

Many fear that the call to legalize drug use could open the door wide to excessive abuse and the consequent physical, psychological and social problems.              

And the director of the Stanford Addiction Diagnostic Clinic Anna Limbeck warned of the danger of drug abuse, including heroin, in a heavy and regular amount that makes a person more vulnerable to addiction. Limbeck cautioned that long-term consumption of drugs is “toxic to neurons”.

As for the director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse in the United States, Norah Volkov, she points to scientific evidence proving that “constant consumption of drugs can cause a change in the brain”, as well as “painful and debilitating withdrawal symptoms” if drug abuse is stopped