Watch how this young man made a cue stick that could defeat any player

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You will not be defeated anymore .. Watch how this young man made a cue stick that could defeat any player

The robot stick performs calculations to ensure accurate aiming and adjusts the power rating so as not to miss a ball.

Shane Wheaton, owner of Stuff Made Here on YouTube, is using his great engineering skills to win everyone a game of pool.

This is achieved not by continuous training in inserting balls, but by making a stick that is controlled by a computer and determines the angle and strength of strikes with the help of a suspended camera, and an algorithm that calculates the directions required to drop the ball into the hole.READ ALSOWatch .. Dutch students divert waste for a sports electric carPerfume, cube and pet robot … 7 amazing innovations at the Consumer Products ShowA new invention … a device that generates electricity from the air using a strange microbeIt was invented by a German and Steve Jobs saved it from collapse … The story of MP3 files marking the 25th anniversary of their invention.

According to the young man, it was probably more difficult to manufacture this stick than if he had trained for hours playing pool.

This video will take you through the steps Wheaton has tried, starting with doing all the maths, identifying the right angles, and engineering them to create a stick that does nearly impossible operations in a pool game.

He explains how he created an algorithm that analyzes the image captured by the camera installed above the table, performs calculations to determine the best path for the ball, and transmits the information to a chip mounted on the stick that drives a motor to direct the robotic arm and hits the ball to the extent that it enters the hole.