With this trick onions will (almost) never go bad

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You’ll be capable of preserve onions for months with this trick

We regularly purchase onions in big quantities – that’s how they bundle them withinside the supermarket, so that’s how we purchase them. In big households, this inventory will likely be depleted earlier than you are aware of it due to the fact maximum dishes like a pasta or stir-fry use at the least an onion or two. But what in case you stay on my own or with simply your partner? Then you regularly grow to be with soft, squishy onions you may throw away. And what do you do in case you simplest want 1/2 of an onion? Keep the alternative 1/2 of withinside the refrigerator simplest to throw it out every week later? Such a waste! Here’s how you may preserve your onions for months and months.

Onions will in no way grow to be withinside the bin once more with this trick.


Onions are normally saved outdoor the refrigerator in a cool, darkish spot. A drawer or pantry is an excellent place, for example. If you placed an onion withinside the refrigerator, it’ll grow to be soft and begin to develop mouldy quite quickly. But what in case you simplest want 1/2 of an onion in a dish? We’ve attempted storing the alternative 1/2 of of the onion withinside the refrigerator to apply the subsequent day, however greater regularly than now no longer it finally ends up withinside the bin ultimately anyway. So, what’s the answer to this problem?


The trick? Freezing your onions! Although the refrigerator doesn’t do them loads of good, you may freeze them flawlessly fine. Now, we don’t endorse dumping complete onions on your freezer. Slice them up, placed them in a resealable bag and you’ll be capable of preserve them on your freezer for up to 6 months. Cut up the onion and placed the portions in a freezer baggy. Try to push out as an awful lot air from the bag as viable earlier than final it. Also, try and divide the portions of onion over the bag as an awful lot as viable, so you’ve were given a unmarried layer of onion. Freeze the bag like this and use the onion inside six months.


One disadvantage to frozen onions: they grow to be a bit watery. This method that an onion from the freezer is greater appropriate for sauces, soups and stews than to devour uncooked or caramelise.